Wrist Wraps: Black/Pink Love Thigh Self

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The “Love Thigh Self” Wrist Wraps is our latest collaboration with LIFT SPORTS GEAR. The Wrist Wraps are made from our popular heavy-duty S3 12″ Wrist Wraps and come in Black/Pink.

The LIFT Sports Gear S3 Wrist Wraps are an evolution to the wrist wraps on the market today. What makes ours different? We focused on the stitch quality and more importantly, the stitch pattern. Focusing on the stitch pattern ensures these Wrist Wraps provide more support while also making them super comfortable. The true test is elasticity. With our stitch pattern, we constructed a tighter wrap, making it less elastic for more support when you need it most.


  • 12″x 3″ wraps, for those that love to go heavy.
  • Heavy-duty stitch pattern ensures less elasticity and more support and comfort.
  • Thumb loop making it easier to wrap around your wrist.